A Little About "Work Me"...

Currently working as a Principal UX Designer for Drillinginfo based in Littleton, CO.

I am a software developer based out of Denver, CO. Jumping into the Wayback Machine... I started off in early 2000 as a fine artist and abstract acrylic painter. After completing my Associates Degree, I quickly began pursuing a career in Graphic/Web Design at the Art Institute of Colorado focusing on the basics of user experience, color theory, layout, typography and more. This built the foundation for what was to become my true passion, UI/UX and Software Development.

Fast forward to present day, I now have over 15 years of hands-on real world experience in UI/UX design, rapid prototyping and front-end/mid-tier development. I have created websites and applications for a wide range of industries ranging from apparel to health care to the financial industry to oil and gas. I focus my attention on implementing sound design principles basing all of my decisions on a blend of user driven need and clean semantic code.

In 2005 I opened a small freelance development shop in Denver, XIRI Media, LLC. Through this company I entertain small and large contracts for businesses around Denver and throughout the US. In the little spare time I seem to have these days... I develop personal software applications and work on open source projects that interest me.

A Little About "Other Me"...

Aside from all the work stuff... I am a father of two beautiful and healthy girls that keep me on my toes and my life well balanced and meaningful. I love spending every free moment I have with them reading, playing a game on XBOX/PS4, watching some TV, or just chilling out playing a game from our extensive board game collection.

I am also an avid cook and love to experiment with different cuisines. I have a record of my culinary explorations on the Culinary tab of this site. I enjoy a good Texas Hold'em cash game in Vegas, being out on the golf course or cheering on the Broncos. I also love to travel when time permits, having now covered most of the US including Alaska and Hawaii. I am also actively working my way through Europe with Germany, Netherlands, U.K., Paris and Belgium now off the list. Traveling gives you perspective and inspires creativity.

I also love to learn, learn and learn more... It's weird, but I can get just as much enjoyment out of studying the newest javascript framework or learning a foreign language than I do out of anything else. Life is a short ride and my motto is always be learning.

Me & My Girls