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UX, 🧠 design systems,domain addict, Emoji connoisseur, !darkmode, 🎮 Apex Legends,❤️ music, AI curious, 💯🐱-person, 🌲 PNW, 🏈 Broncos/Hawks, 🎨 artist, 📸, #DAD4Life🕺🏻, 🤐 #0p1n10nsAr3My0wn

A little about "Work Me"

Currently working as a Design Engineer for Apple
👋🏻Hey! I'm Thomas
I'm a full-stack designer nestled in the evergreen state of Washington in thePNW. My creative journey began with an Associate's in Acrylic Painting, but realizing that starving artist wasn't a great family plan, I pivoted to study Graphic and Web Design in Denver. This blend of fine arts and digital design laid the foundation for my true calling: crafting exceptional user experiences.
Today, I'm a pixel-obsessed UX enthusiast with a toolkit spanning user research, usability testing, and design systems. I've had the pleasure of building my career across a diverse range of industries - from apparel to healthcare, banking to tech. Whether it's a Fortune 500 giant or a day zero startup, I bring a palette of experience to paint intuitive, delightful experiences for users. I also believe in utilizing a collaborative design approach with users, to give them a real voice in the solution. Reach out and let's create some magic together! 🪄✨🎨
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A little about "Other Me"

Beyond the pixels, I'm a proud dad to two amazing daughters who've blossomed from little girls into inspiring women.
When I'm not pushing pixel, you might catch me: 🃏 bluffing cards at a Texas Hold'em table 🏈 cheering for the Broncos or Seahawks in full face paint 🤖 geeking out over the latest in AI and LLMs, pondering our new information-driven future ✈️ or globetrotting the world for fresh perspectives and creative fuel. Also, my body might be composed of at least 50% coffee at this point ☕

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I try to make content... when I have time

A few of the things I enjoy outside of work

My current money pitI might have a problem...Love love love a good game of pokerMy current money pitIf you are not a cat person, we likely cannot be friends