Thomas Wicker

Full Stack Designer & Creator

UI/UX specialist, YouTuber, $AAPL enthusiast , photographer, lifelong learner, entrepreneur, gambler, golfer, fine artist 🎨, cook 🌮, and a proud father 😃.


A little about "work me"

Currently working as a Principal UX Designer in Centennial, Colorado.

I am a full stack designer based out of Denver, CO. Jumping into the Wayback Machine... out of high school... I started my career as a fine artist and abstract acrylic painter. After completing my Associates Degree, I quickly began pursuing a career in Graphic/Web Design at the Art Institute of Colorado focusing on the basics of user experience, color theory, layout, typography and more. This built the foundation for what was to become my true passion, design & user experience.

Fast forward to present day, I now have over 15 years of hands-on real world experience in product design, rapid prototyping and front-end design systems. I have created websites and applications for a wide range of industries ranging from: apparel, health care, banking, oil and gas, and retail. I focus my attention on creating a blend of user driven design and clean semantic code.

This year I also started a YouTube channel to begin teaching others about design and user experience. You can check out my channel at

A little about "other me"

A photo of my family

Aside from all the work stuff... I am a father of two beautiful and healthy girls that keep me on my toes and my life well balanced and meaningful. I love spending every free moment that I have with them.

I am an avid cook and love to experiment with different cuisines. I enjoy a good Texas Hold'em cash game in Vegas, being out on the golf course, or cheering on the Broncos in full face paint. I love to travel when time permits, traveling gives you perspective and helps inspire my creativity.

I also love to learn, learn, and learn some more! Life is a short ride and my motto is to always be learning.

I create stuff on YouTube!

Testimonial photo of Michael Bowlin

Thomas is truly a worker that loves his craft. I've seen him work harder than those hungry first year career employees, despite the fact that he has nothing to prove. I would highly recommend him in any role knowing fully that he will rise to the occasion, and enjoy every moment of it.

~ Cody Palmer - Senior Developer - Lending Home

Testimonial photo of Alyssa Andersen

Thomas is truly an indispensable employee at Enverus due to his experience as a Front End Developer and a Designer. His eye for design is unmatched, and I have personally learned an immense amount from working with him. He’s able to problem solve design issues and propose solutions that within the existing technical constraints.

~ Alyssa Andersen - UX Designer - Enverus

Testimonial photo of Rob Christie

Thomas is one of those front-end developers that every team hopes to have. He is artistic, can do design, responsive layouts, and UI/UX work. Additionally he knows javascript, ruby, haml, sass, and git. As a mid-tier developer, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Thomas.

~ Rob Christie - Senior Developer - Oppenheimer Funds

Testimonial photo of Chris Aron

Thomas is an extremely gifted and creative individual. If you are looking for a quality designer or general marketing professional, you cannot go wrong by adding him to your team. Thomas is a highly productive, intelligent, and flexible person who will help raise the quality of any team he is a part of.

~ Chris Aron - Executive - SAP

Testimonial photo of Nick Apel

Thomas is an extremely talented developer and technical professional. His contributions to the team, including both development and technical leadership, enabled numerous capabilities within our digital properties. As an individual contributor, Thomas is a strong developer, with great communication skills.

~ Nick Apel - Director - Transamerica

Testimonial photo of Richard Cook

Thomas is a detail oriented designer with great imagination. He was responsible for the majority of our custom CRM system and managed the UI/UX for just about every front end project at Cricket. He's such a valuable member of our contracting team that we brought him on full time at Cricket. I would highly recommend him for any UI/UX work.

~ Richard Cook - Senior Developer - Cricket Communications

Testimonial photo of Allie Golon

I was brought on to Thomas's development team in late 2013 and with his guidance as team-lead we successfully delivered a robust, Enterprise User-Interface for Cricket Wireless. Thomas possessed excellent leadership skills as a project-manager, and as a colleague he was essential in excelling the project above and beyond the initial scope.

~ Michael Bowlin - Senior Developer - Cricket Wireless

Testimonial photo of Allie Golon

Thomas is very adept at quickly learning what we needed from a graphics perspective, despite hazy directive. He always delivered on-time or ahead of time and his work was top quality. I look forward to asking Thomas to work on future projects...

~ Allie Golon - Executive - The Regis Company

🔥 I make websites, apps, and great user experiences

Cisco E-Learning App DesignE-Learning & Onboarding App for Prime TherapeuticsE-Learning & Onboarding App for AccentureiOS application UI for Sunspot music appE-learning/training app for McKinsey & CompanyResponsive Web App Design for Oppenheimer FundsResponsive Web App for DrillinginfoResponsive Web App for Curvebuilder Trading & Risk Analysis ToolApplication gallery design for EnverusE-learning/training app for Deloitte DigitalE-learning/training program UI for Amazon

📷 I like to take photographs

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